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How To Fuck Her Tight-Puckered Ass

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What can you advise my wife and I in anal sex?

She can handle her toys but when it comes to mine she puckers up tight.

She says "it's too big" but compared to some of the toys I use at the same time it's about even. I think it's that she visualizes the size of her toys and she sees them as two units not one, and mine as just big. Can this be the case? She has no trouble receiving them, she likes it, but when it comes to mine,“too big.”


Gonzo and Pam

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Dear Gonzo,

The other night was truly something special.

Cheryl and I have been seeing each other for about two months now.

Great sex, (bareback despite her semi-virginal health-conscious attitude;) vaginal penetration, oral penetration, yet prior to Sunday, nothing anal.

But that night I did the New Sex™ Techniques on her, fully, from A to Z, by the book -- and something very interesting happened.

While anal sex is not normally part of the process, as I was implementing the Physical Techniques, I unexpectedly started fucking her in the ass for the very first time!

Surprised the hell out of both of us!

But my dick went in with NO LUBRICANT and NO TROUBLE AT ALL.

This was particularly surprising to her because (she told me the next morning) “The other couple of times you tried to get in there it was NOT HAPPENING AT ALL ­ I was totally closed up tight, and I was worried that you would be too big for anal sex.” (Supposedly, she’s only had anal sex with two other men, the most recent of which was seven years ago.)

I only did it for a few strokes ­ maybe 10 ­ because I’m not so into anal sex when I can have New Sex™, so I ended up pulling out of her ass, then I had her blow me for a few minutes, then I gave her a long series of ejaculations using my fingers to stimulate her G-Spot, and then I put on a condom and we had sexual intercourse that climaxed with simultaneous ejaculations ­ what I call the New Sex™ Experience.


So did I.

I mean, it was some of the most ANIMAL-INTENSE, GROWLING, SWEATY SEX I’ve EVER had.

That short anal interlude doubtless had something to do with it, and I’ll definitely be back in there for more taboo-tightness soon ­ especially since she can’t get pregnant that way and I’m SO DYING TO SHOOT A Non-Condomized load inside her.

Now, I don’t really consider myself an expert on anal sex, but in my opinion (as just a guy who got to fuck his new girlfriend in the ass for the first time despite what seemed to be a very tight-puckered situation,) the key to getting in there was doing all the New Sex™ Techniques to produce Trust, Relaxation, Desire, and Presence in the Moment, and most importantly, creating an intense level of AROUSAL.

Without a doubt, the thing I did that turned her on the most ­ and turned ME on the most too! ­ was this: when she was on her stomach, during the Ultimate Erotic Massage phase of the techniques, I was doing the “Breath on her Vagina Technique,” then I started eating her box, and then I started eating her ass.

If you want to be guaranteed to be able to fuck a woman’s ass, you have to eat that ass.

Chow down, baby!

Growler Gourmet will make the day!

If you eat a woman’s ass and she gets into it, fucking that ass will be the next logical step.

I’m not talking about a woman who let’s you grab a little lick in there ­ I’m talking about a chick who sticks her ass up in the air and pushes her butt-cheeks back into your face, moaning with delight as you bury your tongue in her anus. That chick will love it when you fuck her ass.

Cheryl was just tossing her head back and forth on the pillow, not protesting one bit, just moaning with pleasure, and the only thing she said was, “Just take it easy, okay?”

I’m telling you, once I dipped in there and started to stroke, she was ready for me to take a long hard RIDE!

And I will soon, I assure you that.

Also, even though experts like Charles Muir tell you not to mix butt-munching with pussie-eating, I get tremendous results when I feast on the entire pelvic area ­ going up and down, eating pussie and ass all during the same session.

So get down there and go to town on your girl's tushie, and please write back to let us all know how it works out! You have a responsibility to the community to share your experiences and the benefits of my expertise! We’ll all much appreciate it.


Your New Sex™ Advisor

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